About Icona

Icona offers beautifully crafted fashion jewellery and unique pieces that go beyond fashion seasons or trends.

At Icona, we believe fashion and costume jewellery can be as sophisticated and detailed as high end jewellery and most importantly inspire the same passion and confidence in the women that wear it.

Our products capture the best qualities of European fashion; traditional manufacturing practices from Italy and Spain and adventurous modern designs with playful finishes.  The result is effortless elegance. Each piece has a story to tell, from the jeweller’s vision and choice of raw materials to the design process and workmanship that brings it to life. We are proud to share the stories, the artisan knowledge and experiences that inform the human side of our products.

Customers know that shopping with Icona they are buying something special and wear it with pride. Each collection is focused on a small number of carefully crefted pieces.  Our choices are not driven by marketing plans and sales reports but love and passion for independent designers, impeccable style and the proud tradition of quality craftsmanship.

Having grown up in the Veneto region of Italy, business partners Bene and Livia called on their experiences and love of European art and design to establish a brand that they could identify with and share this passion locally with others. 

Veneto is a region with a rich cultural heritage; known for its quarries of marble, silver mines and the elite sectors of jewellery and textile industries. This laid the foundations and a strong appreciation for quality products and craftsmanship. Bene and Livia continue to share their time between Australia and the capitals of European style to bring you jewellery & accessories for every season.

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